7 Complicated Dishes That Aren't Worth Making At Home

Poached eggs

Poaching is the most difficult way to cook an egg. Your water temperature and timing must be perfect to avoid under or overcooking the egg and don't even get us started on getting them in and out of the pan without breaking.


Authentic risotto is a comforting, creamy dish with lots of taste and versatility. It's also easy to make on paper.


Consider that it takes approximately 10 years of training to become a sushi chef, with most apprentices focusing on refining the rice over fish for the first year. It can take seven years before kids can use tuna or other pricey items. 

Homemade pasta

Pasta's endless variety and wide range of dishes make it hard to get bored of. It's easy to obtain and quick to make—just boil it in hot water for the correct amount of time, depending on the pasta.

Puff pastry

Any baking demands more accuracy and skill than most other cookery, but pastry work is especially difficult. Measuring ingredients requires precision, experience, and controlled temperatures.

Beef Wellington

English-born Beef Wellington is rich and delicious. If you've made one, you may have wondered if it was worth the time, effort, and money.

Fried chicken

Fried chicken looks simple, but it's actually quite difficult to cook and even unsafe to make at home. Delicious fried chicken takes longer to prepare than you think.