7 Signs You Have Sun-Damaged Hair

1. Its Vibrant Color Is Lost

Color fading indicates sun-damaged hair. The sun's UV radiation damage hair proteins. Along with this color fading, UV rays may give your hair new highlights. The sad truth? 

2. It's Dull and Lackluster

Due to keratin protein breakdown, too much sun exposure without protection for our hair and scalp results in dull, lifeless hair. 

3. It's Brittle and Susceptible to Breakage

When the keratin in our hair breaks down, our locks become weaker and more susceptible to brittleness and breakage. And too much breakage causes our mature hair to appear thin and lifeless.

4. It Has More Split Ends

You may not be imagining more split ends in summer! Sundry hair is especially dry at the ends. Split ends result from fraying and splitting damaged ends. 

5. It's Frizzy and Rough to the Touch

Rough, frizzy hair indicates dryness and damaged cuticles! Smooth, lustrous cuticles are healthy. But damaged cuticles lift somewhat, giving us frizz and a harsh texture. 

6. It's Dry and Feels Crunchy

Summer UV radiation and salt water or pool water cause dry, crispy hair. With salt water and chlorine drying out our hair and the sun destroying it, we end up with dry, crunchy hair after a day of swimming!

7. It Absorbs Water and Products Faster

Does your hair dry quickly after washing? Have you noticed leave-in hair products soak instantly? Your hair may be high porosity, making it more susceptible to UV damage.