7 Things You Need for Your Next Road Trip

Adjustable Car Cup Holder Expander

This Swigzy cup holder expander works in practically any cup holder and fits a range of bottles and mugs, even ones with handles.

Phone Mount

Texting while driving is never allowed. Holding your phone to talk while driving is illegal in several places. Stream Spotify or use Google Maps with a phone mount to keep your hands at "10 and two."

Car Power Strip

Going on a long road trip with others? Use this 200W cigarette lighter power inverter with four USB ports and two standard connectors. Full short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charge, over-voltage, over-load, and over-temperature protection are included.

Tablet Headrest Mount

The tablet headrest mount won't make a sound from the backseat. It fits most headrests and any tablet size. In the back, youngsters (or adults) will be too engrossed in their movie or game to inquire “are we there yet?”

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

With its speedy Wi-Fi and long battery life, this mobile hotspot offers the best online experience anywhere, when you need it.

Flexible Phone Tripod

Roadside picture possibilities are easy with this small tripod. This tripod can attach to a tree or fence and holds a smartphone with a rubber grip.

Portable Phone Charger

The worst part of an all-day vacation is when the backseat iPad dies an hour in. Be sure to carry one or more car chargers that work with your gadgets. Not all chargers charge all devices listed on the label.