7 Ways to Make a Bowl of Plain Oatmeal Taste So Much Better

Put an Egg on Top

The greatest way to improve oatmeal is by adding an egg, which adds flavor, texture, and protein to keep you satisfied for hours.

Look Beyond Oats

Oats are a breakfast staple, but quinoa, barley, and wheat berries may change the flavor and texture. Avoiding oats and using grains creates a dish that tastes like oatmeal

Swap Nuts for Nut Butter

Almonds, walnuts, pecans, you name it—they've all been sprinkled on oatmeal to great result. But, in the interest of taking the "blah" out of your breakfast bowl

Bake Your Oats

Baking gives oatmeal a wonderfully crisp, almost cookie-like top, and turns average oats into a meal that feels a whole lot more special.

Prep Ahead

Make overnight oats and chill in jars or containers for a portable breakfast. They taste and feel different since they're cold, therefore some people prefer them over oatmeal.

Grate in some cheese

Fun oatmeal isn't always sweet. Grate Parmesan or Asiago into your oats for a creamy, nutty taste like risotto. Try various cheeses like Gruyère or cheddar each week to spice up your grains.

Mix in some hearty veggies

Cassetty says this makes grains hearty for breakfast, lunch, and supper. It's also a simple way to consume extra vegetables, which may improve your health and spice up your dish.