8 of the Worst Cities To Travel in the United States

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit appears to have been in a state of reconstruction for many years. Despite recent renovations to the downtown area, many visitors claim that once you leave downtown, all bets are off.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Please understand that New Orleans is a tourist destination that offers plenty of pleasure and debauchery, and that everyone should go there.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco boasts a beautiful scenery and a rich past, but regrettably, in recent years, there has been an issue with the city's homeless population.

St. Louis, Missouri

While St. Louis is a generally secure city, its reputation for danger is especially true in the East St. Louis neighborhood. After visiting, one traveler says he will never go to that city again.

Provo, Utah

There is a lot of beautiful landscape in Utah, so it's surprising to learn that so many people dislike going there. Many visitors lament that, in spite of its splendor, there is little to do when visiting.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, also known as the "City of Brotherly Love," manages to repel a lot of tourists with its high crime rate and dilapidated districts.

Los Angeles, California

The brilliant lights and vintage Hollywood charm that are exclusive to Los Angeles attract a lot of tourists. Unfortunately, many Los Angeles areas don't live up to visitors' expectations

Baltimore, Maryland

It should come as no surprise that Baltimore made this list because the city's degree of violence and corruption has been the basis for movies and television shows. Don't stroll alone at night