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8 Showy Plants That Attract Butterflies to Create Aflutter

Curry Leaf:

This Indian culinary essential serves as a host plant for swallowtail butterflies, providing eggs to lay, leaves for larvae to feed on, and space for pupa formation.

Oleander (Arali):

Commonly grown as a house plant, Oleander attracts butterflies like Daphinis moth and common crow butterfly, with its leaves serving as preferred food for their larvae.

Golden Shower:

This tree attracts butterflies like sulphur and Silverline butterflies with its flowers, while its leaves provide food for larvae and nectar for Black Rajah butterflies.

Lemon (Citrus):

Citrus plants are feeding grounds for butterfly larvae, especially those of swallowtail butterflies, making them a valuable addition to butterfly gardens.


Essential for monarch butterflies, milkweed serves as their only host plant, attracting them with its flowers and providing food for their larvae.

Passion Fruit:

These vining plants attract birds and butterflies for nectar and serve as a host for larvae of butterflies like Heliconius sp. and Tawny coaster.

Ashoka Tree:

With its red and orange flowers, Ashoka trees are favorites among butterflies, while their foliage serves as food for larvae of Tailed jay butterflies.

Dutchman s Pipe:

This vining plant with heart-shaped leaves and unique marble violet-colored flowers attracts butterflies like Crimson Rose, Southern Birdwing.