9 Must-Know Tips Before Adding Another Cat to Your Feline Family

Consider Your Current Cat’s Personality

Cats prefer solitude, but their temperament and age can affect whether they accept a new acquaintance.

Prepare a Separate Space

Create a “starter room” for your new cat with everything they need and segregate them from your current cat.

Schedule Vet Checkups

This is crucial to prevent disease and parasite transmission and ensuring they're healthy enough to adjust.

Introduce Scent

Cats communicate mostly by smell, so swapping smells is a terrific method for them to get to know each other before meeting in person.

Supervise Their Interactions

Never let cats meet without you. The new cat should stay in their starter room, but your resident cat can sniff around the entrance.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Rewards calm and curious behavior from both cats during introductions with food, toys, and praise.

Provide Sufficient Resources

PetMD recommends providing enough litter boxes, food and water dishes, toys, and scratching posts for all cats and spacing them out.

Make Time for Play

Schedule playtime for both cats and let them view each other through a baby gate or other clear barrier.

Be Patient

Cats, like humans, need time and positive interaction to bond. Never hurry or force cats to interact before they're ready, and never dismiss fear or anxiety.