9 Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra Money in 2024


On any list of simple side business ideas, freelancing should be at the top because it's a tried-and-true method of making extra money. You can arrange freelance work in your own time, and they work for one or more clients on a project-by-project basis. 

Pet Sitting and Doggie Day Care

Pet sitting is a great side gig for those who enjoy animals and is quite simple to start and advertise. Pet owners can leave their animals in your home for long-term or day care, or you can offer in-home care while they are at work or on vacation.

Dog Walking

Do you love dogs but lack the room or spare time to dedicate to a dog daycare setup? Perhaps a dog-walking business would be the ideal side gig for you. You may easily fit this side gig into your busy schedule and earn extra money while exercising at the same time.

Tech Setup Services

Are you an expert in setting up computers, smartphones, smart home gadgets, and home networks? By promoting these abilities to others of your community on social media and through handyman apps, you can quickly earn extra money. 


Consider launching a blog that focuses on an interest of yours, such as travel, cuisine, beauty, or fashion, if you enjoy writing and informing others. You can monetise your site with affiliate sales or advertisements as you get traffic.

Senior Sitting and Companion

More families are choosing to care for aging relatives at home because to advancements in in-home senior care. For those wishing to supplement their income as a companion or sitter when primary caregivers are gone, this creates options for side gigs.

Babysitting and Child Care

Since babysitting and in-home child care are in high demand, running a side business is a terrific option to supplement your income on a regular basis or in your leisure time. Most places do not require certification, but if you want to increase your reputation, the American Red Cross offers both in-person.

Personal Assistant

Professionals who are too busy to juggle many service apps would much rather have one person handle all of their daily tasks. For someone who enjoys crossing everything off a to-do list, such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, dog walking, and dropping kids off at their destinations, this is a great side gig.

Mobile Car Washing and Detailing

Another inexpensive side gig for someone who enjoys working outside is car washing. You can contract with nearby companies that own fleet cars or that wish to provide weekly car washes as an employee benefit, or you can provide this service to people at their homes.