The 7 Best Ever Sangria Recipes for Summer

White Peach Sangria

A delicious sangria made with white wine that is a regular favorite at social gatherings.

Berrylicious Frozen Sangria Slush

When we were little, we used to drink chilly slushies, alcoholic and fruity frozen sangria is an adult version of those slushies.

Rosé Sangria

Fresh berries and watermelon give a summer-inspired twist to this rosé sangria that's made ahead and chilled for an easy party staple.

White Sangria

Mango and orange slices, together with white wine, are the ingredients for this delicious punch.

Sunset Sangria

The ideal summer beverage for barbecuing, my new favorite beverage. Both vodka and gin have shown to be effective in my experience.

Sassy Sangria

There is tropical fruit floating in this punch made with red wine, and it is a feisty kind of punch.

Peach-Basil White Sangria

It have made it twice already, and neither agave nectar nor sugar have been used during either of those times.